Children's Leadership Academy

How does Georgia’s Pre-K Program prepare a child for success in Kindergarten and later school years?

The first of the National Education Goals states “all children will start school ready to learn.” Keeping in mind the following contexts, Georgia formulated a definition of school readiness. We believe school readiness must be defined within the context of the nature of four year olds and how they learn. We believe it must be defined within the context of families and how they live. School readiness must be defined within the context of communities and the services they provide. And, it must be defined within the context of schools and their readiness for children. A child’s readiness for school is when…

• possible health barriers that block learning have been detected,
• suspected physical or mental disabilities have been addressed,
• enthusiasm, curiosity, and persistence toward learning is demonstrated,
• feelings of both self and others are recognized,
• social and interpersonal skills are emerging,
• communication with others is effective,
• early literacy skills are evident, and
• a general knowledge about the world, things, places, events, and people has been acquired

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If you are looking for a daycare center in Woodstock, Holly Springs, or Canton, GA area, CLA has the perfect learning environment for your child. Our classrooms are safe and constantly monitored by closed-circuit cameras while our teachers and daycare center helpers are closely paying attention to each child/student.

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At our daycare center, children can have a spacious area as their playground as well as other facilities to help them in their everyday learning and activities. We have eight spacious classrooms, a library with up-to-date book titles and learning materials, a modern computer lab, and a cozy cafeteria where kids can eat healthy.

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We accept children as young as 6 weeks old to 12 years of age. Here at CLA, our learning approach focuses on developing all aspects of a child’s personality, intelligence, and behavior so he or she can become a well-rounded individual. Learning is enjoyable and structured yet our teachers allow creative ideas to flow.

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